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Twestival.pngTwitter has become a source of news, networking, and marketing opportunity for millions of users around the world – and now it’s become the method of organizing a global charity event. On February 12, in more than 100 cities, Twestival will bring people together to support
In a 24-hour period, Twitter communities in more than 50 American cities will join the more than 120 cities worldwide, including New York, (buy tickets) Beijing, Lima, Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Beirut, where people will gather for Tweetups (face-to-face meetups facilitated by Twitter). The events came together in under 24 hours on Twitter. 100 percent of all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to charity:water.
The Twestivals will raise awareness and donations for the non-profit charity:water, which works to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. charity:water was started by former NYC nightclub promoter Scott Harrison Amanda Rose is the lead organizer of the Twitter-generated events.
For those still puzzling over Twitter and other new media – understand that Twitter is a tool – nothing more. Just like blogs are nothing more than websites. What matters is people and what they do with the tools.
Twitter asks the question “What are you doing?” There are people tell us that they’re having pizza for lunch. And people trying to pick fights with others. But clearly, a lot of people are doing something pretty wonderful. What are you doing?
Posted by B.L. Ochman