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I was interviewed by Twitter today because I’m a devoted business and personal user of the service. Julie Haddon, who’s been Twitter’s director of Marketing & Business Development since March, contacted me over the weekend, emailing:

“We’re excited to tell you about a new Marketing campaign were working on over at Twitter and we want you to be a part of it!
Next week, we’re going to be filming and interviewing some of our Twitter fans for a small compilation trailer reel that we’ll be showcasing on our site (potentially other places on the web, conferences, etc.)…And we’d like you to include you.”

Also featured, :>) was IAMCJAY, who’s shirtless in his Twitter photo, fabulouslaura, and Alana Taylor, an intern at the Tyra Banks show, who tweeted that she sang a song about Twitter on camera. Sure to be an interesting mix of viewpoints. I guess I was there as the grownup.
Julie used my camera to shoot this little video that I edited with iMovie. I had hoped to ask questions about Twitter’s recent major outages, but, maddeningly, she insisted she wasn’t the right person to answer questions from me and other frustrated Twitter users who sent me their questions before I went to the filming.
Happily, Twitter developer Alex Payne wrote a post about Twitter’s architectural challenges, and Jack Dorsey posted about the issues in Twitter’s blog, which has previously been evasive on scaling issues. He suggests, heh, that we follow Twitter’s official account on the service, which is down about 1/3 of the time lately. Follow me on Twitter.
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