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For the third time in as many months, Time-Warner has dumped hundreds of my emails that I had deleted, and which should have been deleted from their servers, into my inbox.
In one minute today, I got 450 emails. In some instances there were three or four copies of the same email that had been deleted several days earlier. When I call them they claim that this is not possible. Oh yessss it is.
My guess: a dump of deleted emails went down the wrong Time-Warner email pipe. I’m sure there are more technical terms to describe it.
This Time Warner email problem keeps happening. I can’t be the only one it is happening to. Anybody else having this problem with Time-Warner emails?
DId I mention that Time-Warner is causing email problems enough times in this post for Time Warner email problems to come up in Google?
UPDATE: The fuckers did it again today at 1:02 p.m. 452 Deleted emails baaaaaack again.