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robotnanny.pngBy B.L. Ochman
What’ll the world be like in 2030? Depends who you want to believe. Here are a couple of prime examples of how much the PR industry doesn’t get social media, the Internet, or reality.
PlasticsEurope, something some PR firm talked European plastics manufacturers into spending a lot of money on, says plastics will make the world a great place and all advances will be because of plastic. “Plastics have enabled much of the technological revolution that has shaped our lives in recent times,” said Wilfried Haensel, executive director at PlasticsEurope. Blah, Blah….etc.
They commissioned futurist Ray Hammond to create the report The World in 2030 which, as these things tend to be, is interesting. Poor guy couldn’t get other funding I guess.
From their website: “The plastics industry has already addressed the challenge of climate change and its consequences in several ways”. And I’m the Queen of England.
Then there’s the US Dept of Energy, still trying to make us believe that nuclear energy, and nuclear plants in the middle of cities are a great idea. Aren’t they spending our tax dollars wisely! They’re having a video contest asking us how we see the world in 2030. Yesiree Bob! They’re also social media marketing experts.
Some guy named Fatso has the most likely realistic scenario. “Don’t worry about 2030, the world ain’t even going to be around then…. Enjoy yourself, do whatever you can, so that way you don’t got no regrets.” (Pls note: his video probably isn’t work-safe.)