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davinci_toad.jpgBy B.L. Ochman Even if The DaVinci Code is, as Sony’s TV advertising claims, “The most controversial thriller of our time,” it’s not going to generate sales of action figures at Burger King. But have no fear, parodies and outlandish DaVinci merchandise links are cropping up all over.
My personal fave is the DaVinci Toad t-shirts and hats. Elegant, stylish. No lectures.
Diet Blog reports that
“The Diet Code: Revolutionary Weight-Loss Secrets From Da Vinci and The Golden Ratio.” author, Stephen Lanzalotta, got a six figure advance on the book.
Then there’s The DaVnci Load, a gay porn video version, as reported by Fleshbot.
The New Yorker article about the marketing of tje DaVinci code by Sony says:

“If the movie is not the blockbuster promised by the book’s performance, it will not be the fault of Sony’s marketing campaign.”

But, gee, a little tsotchke would have been nice with our fries.