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As many a blogger can tell you, blogging leads to many opportunities. For me, it has brought me Fortune 100 clients, paid speaking, travel, book sales, and friendships with some truly extraordinary people I met through the blogosphere. MSM reporters who cover online marketing visit regularly too, and, like other prolific and opinionated bloggers, I am often interviewed as a result.
Here’s an example of what can happen:
Presto Vivace, the blog of publicist Alice Marshall, whose blog covers government technology standards and related events in the Washington, DC area where she is based, was glowingly reviewed in Government Technology Magazine online, read by her clients and potential clients. “GovTech magazine gave my client and my corporate blog a nice puff,” she emailed, ” that is something I did not expect.”
The article mentions a post Marshall wrote that was headlined, “Why bloggers must be treated with respect.”