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bradley.pngThe North Shore Animal League has been using social media in a wonderful campaign about a Black Lab named Bradley, whose life was saved by complex medical care. He had severe persistent pneumonia, a cough that was heartbreaking, and a personality that melts hearts.
And now, he’s well and he’s up for adoption. So they having an essay contest to find his perfect parent.
Bradley has a blog, and videos, and a great email marketing campaign.

Says bradley

“Wow – my tail is wagging so fast, it’s making a cool breeze in here. Feels kinda nice. So that’s my great news, everybody. It’s only a rumor for now, but me and my tail have a good feeling that soon, I’ll be in a super duper home of my very own! I’ll keep you posted!”

The first 500 essay submissions will be reviewed by North Shore’s adoptions committee and 12 “Bradley Pet Parent” contenders will be chosen for final review. Contenders will be invited to the League to for a “Meet Bradley Event” and the winning parent will be chosen after final review. Good luck!
And they say that posting a video of yourself and your pets on YouTube or uploading a photo with your submission might help.
Bravo North Shore Animal League! Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle, Noni Kitty and I hope you find a great new home. The money Bradley has helped raised is going to save a lot of pets.
And, our friend Anthony is entering the contest. Please pick him!