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The New York Times really has a love-hate relationship with blogging. One day they’re bashing bloggers, the next they’re covering blogs as news. In his keynote speech at last week
s Columbia University Blue Pencil Dinner, Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, said:
“A blog is still a view of the world through a pinhole, noting that it can sometimes fall as low as being a “one man circle jerk.”
Hey, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
Today’s Times has two major articles about blogging. One is about the blogs of Congresspeople. Says the Times:
“…the blogosphere – the bloggers’ realm, which can sometimes be an incubator of ideas and news.”
A second story explains how bloggers are adding moving images to their “musings.”
Describing vlogs, the article says:
“But the object remains the same as with traditional blogs: to inspire (or to provoke) others to post responses to one’s ruminations and images.”
Yeah, something like that, I suppose. Although some of bloggers’ ruminations beat dead-tree journos to the punch on some of the biggest stories of our Times.