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pillowfight.pngIt’s raunchy, it’s funny, and it’s sure to horrify the humorless Obama and Giuliani campaign machines. The follow up to “I Got a Crush on Obama” is here: “Debate ‘08: Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl,” where consumer generated content once again far outshines anything candidates are producing – with the exception of Hillary’s Sopranos send up.
A political pillow fight between girls in scanty clothes, ‘Obama Girl’, (Amber Lee Ettinger,) tells ‘Guiliani Girl’, (Adelina Kristina) “at least Obama didn’t marry his cousin.” The video, posted yesterday, got so much traffic it temporarily brought down the site of the videos producers, a href=””>Barely Political. There’s even a trailer, here.
We’re still over a year from the election, and as the campaign ramps up, you’ll be seeing a lot more user generated videos, pro and con. But they’ll all be hard pressed to beat the first Obama girl video.
Posted by B.L. Ochman