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symantec.jpgFor the 12th year in a row, I renewed my Symantec Anti-Virus Software the other day and, as has been the Symantec norm, I had a really lousy customer service experience doing it. I had to call India and wait on hold not just once, but twice to get correct information about activating the renewal, just like last year.
Symantec Customer Service Sucks
Then today I get an email inviting me to “Come back and SAVE!…We just wanted to say thanks for your recent purchase at the Symantec online store. We hope you had a great shopping experience and that you’ll come back again and visit us sometime soon.”
Well actually I had a lousy goddamn experience. But they told me to “Share you SAVINGS with family and friends!” so here you go, dear readers.
What am I? Chopped Liver?
I’d like to know why the hell I wasn’t offered this “additional $10 savings when I made my purchase, or when I made the second call to India for the same issue. After all, I have been renewing Symantec software for more than 10 years. So you could say I am a good customer of theirs.
Here’s what you do:
(1) Visit our Renewal and Upgrade Center
(2) Select the product you would like to buy at automatic upgrade pricing — up to 70% off*, plus your additional $10 savings.*