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symantec_blog.jpgWhile everyone’s been buzzing about Dell’s one2one blog, Symantec, another company with notoriously awful customer service, has launched a blog. But they disclaim all of its content. So, umm, why publish it then?
Nathan Novak points to Symantec’s “Security Response Weblog”, launched June 23. Their announcement said: ” More than 20 Security Response engineers, architects, developers, research analysts, and security gurus from the Security Response team have signed up to post information on Symantec’s first-ever public facing blog.”
Jeez, what’s up with this Symantec disclaimer? Does this mean we shouldn’t believe what they tell us? Dear Symantec, either you want to enter the conversation or you don’t.

“Any information provided by Symantec staff on this blog are offered “AS IS” with no express or implied warranties, claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to and no rights are conferred. Symantec has no obligation to post blog submissions or responses. By using this blog, You assume all risk for your use and You further agree to Symantec’s Legal Notices.

Symantec’s last marketing effort was the strange and droll Safetytown.