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I am told by a very professional and nice woman at American Airlines headquarters in Texas that my lost bag has made it to New York and that she will schedule its return to me as a “Rush.” The name of their delivery service? Perfect. (Try and find that in Google. I can’t.)
It should arrive later today.
Why,oh why, oh why should I have had to go through all those phone calls to find my bag? What happens to people who don’t know how to work their way up the chain when it’s being yanked?
Even now, when I call the number I was given at the airport they give me wrong information.

“Your bag was scheduled to be picked up by the delivery service yesterday at 1 p.m. It should be returned to you within six hours.”

Ahem. I was in San Francisco yesterday at 1 p.m.
I am not feeling confident that this bag will arrive.
UPDATE: American Airlines brought my luggage back. Hallelulah.