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It sounded so good. Dell came and replaced my motherboard and I should have been able to go on my happy computing way. But yesterday, when I turned on the computer, it had the same nasty message as before: Call DELL.
According to the technician, they should have sent memory and power supply with the motherboard. They call it a “hero kit.” But they didn’t. So I’m still in Dell Hell, unable to work on my desktop. It’s 99% backed up, but now I can’t back up without the computer freezing and it isn’t letting me put content on the jump drive either.
So Dell is going to replace the computer with an upgraded new one. That’s great, except there’s the issue of the data transfer. And guess where the honcho who is going to watch this like a hawk is? Geoff Knox is out of the office until November 27th. So I remain in Dell Hell.
Dell: you suck.