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“We need additional troops, food, water,” Joseph W. Matthews, the director of the New Orleans’s Office of Emergency Preparedness begged, “and we need personnel, law enforcement. This has turned into a situation where the city is being run by thugs.”
Col. Terry Ebbert, director of homeland security for New Orleans, concurred and he was particularly pungent in his criticism. Asserting that the whole recovery operation had been “carried on the backs of the little guys for four goddamn days,” he said “the rest of the goddamn nation can’t get us any resources for security.”
Why? Do you want to know why it’s taking so long to get help to the people in New Orleans who are dying of thirst, starvation and the need for medical care? Because a huge percentage of our National Guard and resources are 7,000 miles away “building democracy in Iraq.”
Disgracefully, it took three days for President Bush to end his vacation so he could impotently fly over the site and look out the window. He couldn’t even stop and grab a bullhorn and a photo op like he did on 9/11.
We need to help our fellow citizens in need. Please send the most generous contributions you can to the organizations that have managed to get there and who are helping right now:
The American Red Cross
The ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund
Organize in your neighborhood to collect food, water, clothing for donation to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army