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Listen up politicians: pet owners vote. And there are millions of us. Enough is enough. We can, and we will, swing the next election. Do not underestimate our power, or our dismay, or our anger over your failure to protect our pets from poisons in their food.
Two of the five pet food companies were sold contaminated rice protein by the Chinese company, Binzhou-Futian, have not recalled their products, according to
This is the absolute height of irresponsibility on the part not only of those companies, but also of the FDA, whose commissioner, Andrew von Eschenbach, needs to resign.
Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Marie Cantwell, (D-WA) today demanded the release of the information by the FDA, which has yet to respond. The Senators also demanded that the FDA inspect all suspect pet food ingredients imported from all countries.
Meanwhile, pets are sickened and dying, and melamine has already been found in the human food chain. A House committee heard testimony today that American food is at high risk for both natural and terrorist-related outbreaks and many in Congress are questioning whether the Food and Drug Administration can adequately protect Americans.
spring.pngThis issue is not going away any time soon. Why isn’t this front page news in every newspaper in America? Why isn’t this the top story on every evening news broadcast?
Is something in our food chain putting us all in a stupor? Is it finally the year of our Silent Spring? The President should be on tap any minute to tell von Eschenbach “You’re doing a heck of a job Andrew.”
Hat tip to Twitter Pets