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durbin.pngOK, I’m impressed. Friends of Senator Dick Durbin (D, Illinois) sent me and other bloggers who’ve been covering the pet food recall an email asking us to call attention to the senator’s pet food safety advocacy campaign. You can send a letter here urging FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to take action to clean up the pet food supply.
MSM coverage of the rapidly expanding pet food safety story, frankly, bites. Senator Durbin’s advocacy campaign is most welcome, and the outreach to bloggers is smart, as several of us are really on top of this story on a consistent basis. Here’s what the email said:

Hi all—
I’m writing to you because you’ve been doing great work blogging about the pet food recall, and I wanted to reach out to you.
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) recently launched an advocacy campaign through his website,
I hope you’ll help us spread the word about Senator Durbin’s advocacy campaign and help him build grassroots support for real action by the FDA.
Thanks for your help!
Brent Blackaby
Friends of Dick Durbin