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segway.pngSegway – that weird gliding thing that everyone would love to try – has rolled out a Segway Social, an online community dedicated to Segway owners and fans “and anyone interested in joining the worldwide Segway movement.”
Movement might be a little over the top as a way to describe Segway popularity, but with gas at $3.50 a gallon, Segway is smart to showcase its odd transporter. Hopefully, they’ll be equally smart about driving traffic to the site because just building it is not going to populate it. Hopefully they’ll be smarter than the nine out of 10 companies that don’t plan multi-media campaigns to drive traffic.
Since I’ve only seen three or four people riding around Manhattan on Segways in the past few years, I’m not sure the community will be huge, but no matter what, you need to be able to sign up, and when you try, the error message asks you to come back later.
segway_error.png Ooops! It could be a server blip; it could be a coding error. It could be a lot of things, but somebody needs to be watching the site – which launched Monday – for issues like this one.
God is indeed in the details, and it’s sometimes scary how a little thing can scotch the best laid plans.
On Segway Social, users who can get into the site, can create profiles, start or join discussion groups, upload photos and calculate how much they are helping the environment by riding a Segway, and learn how long it would take to save up to buy one of the $5,000 thingies. Posted by B.L. Ochman
UPDATE: Eric Fleming of Segway Inc. responded almost immediately in a comment that the company saw the post and was looking into fixing the problem. Impressive! Take-away: I couldn’t email the webmaster without navigating away from the signup page. Could someone email you from any page on your site? I’m going to make sure they could on my site and all of my clients’ sites.