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Royal Canin, a manufacturer of premium and prescription foods for dogs and cats, has joined the pet food recall. This means that all major manufacturers of both premium and supermarket brands of pet foods have found tainted ingredients in some or all of their foods. The 100-brand Menu Brands recall was just the tip of the iceberg.
Having determined that there is a melamine derivative in some of their pet foods that contain rice protein concentrate, Royal Canin is voluntarily recalling all their products containing rice protein concentrate.
According to the company website,

“Since its creation by Dr. Jean Cathary, a veterinarian, in 1967 in France, Royal Canin has become the world leader in Health Nutrition for dogs and cats.”

What a horror!
UPDATE: Three more contaminants found in urine, kidneys of pets who ate recalled foods.

“Toxicologists have been saying for some time now that they didn’t think melamine alone could be causing the symptoms being seen in cats and dogs eating recalled foods, and suggested it might be a marker or co-contaminant. Tonight, Karen Roebuck of the Pittsburgh Times-Review reported that researchers have:
…identified three other contaminants in the urine and kidneys of animals sickened or killed after eating the recalled foods, including cyanuric acid, a chemical commonly used in pool chlorination, three researchers told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Cyanuric acid is what most likely sickened pets, one researcher said.