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roomba.jpgIn a case study, Ad Age reports that a new search engine strategy helped Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner clean up.
One key strategy: they bought about 100 search engine keywords and phrases that included common misspellings of the brand, such as “romba,” “rhumba,” “irobot” and “eyerobot.”
“We recommend more specific phrases that will drive sales, like ‘robot vacuum cleaners.’ ” the company said.
As a result of better keyword buys, Roomba became the 7th most-searched brand on Google and experienced a 100% increase in sales.
The ad words campaign was supported with a tightly integrated ad program which drove large numbers of consumers online.

Many people know that after using a vacuum cleaner they should empty it, ready to be used the next time. By having an empty vacuum cleaner, the pick up efficiency will be better. However, what many people are not aware of is that it is vital to the performance of your vacuum cleaner that you regularly clean the vacuum cleaner filter too.

To keep any bagless vacuum cleaner in good working order, cleaning the filter is a must. When the filter is clogged, even just a little, there will be a noticeable loss in suction and the machine might also start making noises that indicate it is struggling to perform at it’s best. if you are noticing either of these things then cleaning the filter is certainly overdue.

Once you have located where the filter is on your vacuum cleaner, remove it from the machine, and tap it briskly to remove any debris. Next, you should wash the filter under running water, lukewarm is best, and then leave it to dry naturally for at least 24 hours before putting it back into the vacuum cleaner, contact the pest control olathe ks to clean up the house. Your machine will have more than one filter, however not all will be washable, so you should refer to your user guide to make sure you have done what can be done.

If you ever need help cleaning your house or office companies like NECS cleaning can provide professional cleaning services that can save you a lot of money in products and time. You can get home and sleep well instead of getting late at home and tired and start cleaning the whole house and lose sleep.