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germs.jpgYecch! The Ricola Cougher is baaaaaack to continue his/her revolting germ fest.
The Ricola Mystery Cougher is, without a doubt, the most ill-conceived promotion in the world. It’s not fun, funny, interesting, clever, or sanitary. And it seems that it will never end. Now it’s coming to back to New York — as if we didn’t have enough to worry about.
Maybe people in fly-over states find the idea of having a stranger cough on them intriguing. This is New York. You never know when someone will be having a very bad day and want to take it out on some jerk who coughed in their direction.
Ricola – you need to kill this cougher. Before somebody who’s off their meds does it for you. Blecch! Yecch!
My advice from last year still stands:

Hint to Ricola marketers: have him die of his cough and get this over with already. Then you can hold a wake. That would be more fun.

A word to the wise: You cough on me man, I’ll sic the Labradoodle on you.