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When I renewed two of my domains today at 000 Domains, there was a button that said “Get a $10 Cash Reward: click here.” Innocently, I clicked for more information. But it wasn’t me who got information, it was Reservation Rewards.
Reservation Rewards had been given my credit card and personal information by 000 Domains and charged my credit card a fee for membership without telling me what that fee was or giving me a chance to cancel the order. RIP OFF! Beware!
Shame on You 000 Domains!
Searching the Reservations Reward site, I found a phone number. The recording answers with, “To cancel your information, Press One.” Apparently, they get a lot of cancellations. No wonder!
What a rip off. I certainly hope there will be no charges on my credit card. But I am sure I will now get a mountain of junk email. Jeez 000 Domains, you stink.