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quill.jpgHere’s a tale of customer service done right. At the advice of a wonderful ergonomist named Joel Kendall, I bought a copy holder from for $16.95. It arrived two days later, with parts, screws, a wrench, and no instructions.
I called Quill customer service and they said they would get their vendor to ship me out another one right away, and make sure there are instructions in the box. “How do I return this one,” I asked. The woman said, “Please donate it.”
It’s All About Attitude
That’s such a sharp contrast to the ridiculous reponse I got from HP when they replaced my defective HP Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.
I understand very well that in both cases it was cheaper for the company to write off the defective product than to pay for return shipping, repair and getting the product back into stock. That’s not the point. The attitude of customer service is the point. And the way the customer service person seemed to be much more empowered to make a decision at Quill.