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It’s time to demonstrate your ability to lead your profession by starting to blog on acutely relevant communications issues NevOn, the Amsterdam-based blog of Neville Hobson, tells the leaders of both the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and International Association of Business Communicators (IABC.)
And I challenge PRSA to add a blogging track to its upcoming international conference, which it bills as “The most important gathering of public relations professions in 2004.” The conference isn’t until the end of the month. That’s plenty of time to add blogging workshops. Unless PRSA is really so stodgy that it can’t move in Internet time.
Commenting on my post about PRSA’s failure to include blogging in the program of its upcoming international conference, Hobson challenges IABC Europe to sponsor a blogging seminar.
On Wednesday, PRSA’s Technology Section held a Webinar on PR in Emerging Communications Channels – RSS and Blogs that PR Week and iMedia Connection say attracted over 300 participants. Presenters were Steve Rubel, of Micro Persuasion and ClickZ editor and blogger Pamela Parker.
That’s great, and important, but it’s no substitute for including blogging in PRSA’s annual event which draws members from around the globe.