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Press Release From Hell:
Current lede:
Victoria, Australia (PRweb) May 26, 2005 — While the media digests the landmark Martha Stewart insider trading trial, the spotlight is now turning to blogs – potentially the new hotspot for insider trading, according to David Jenyns of In fact, other market commentators [such as?] are predicting that certain blogs may already be crossing the border between up-to-date news and insider trading.
Better, because it makes it clear that this is his opinion:
Media Alert
Broker Claims Blogs Leveling Field for Investors
Despite rumblings that they are a new hotspot for insider trading, blogs about trading stocks are revolutionizing stock trading by giving individual investors the same access to information that brokers and their top clients have, according to David Jenyns of
Nice try by Jenyns, but his lack of sources or examples takes the wind out of the release. Better to make it clear that he’s a trader stating his opinion and hoping to be interviewed.