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zonbusize.pngThe revolutionary Zonbox – the $99, ultra low-power, zero-emission Linux computer from Zonbu, is sure to be all the rage when it’s launched next month. The computer is a fanless 1.2MHz platform that uses Amazon’s S3 storage servers to save your files.
Gizmodo says

“It’s as simple to use as a Mac…pre-loaded with best-of-breed open source software for almost anything you’d need…all managed via the other cool thing the Zonbu has: A 4GB CF card that acts as a cache for the 25-100GB of personal storage on Amazon’s S3 servers. In other words, this machine syncs, swaps, and backs up your data automatically, over the wire. I love it.”

logo-zonbu-black.pngAccording to the company website, the Zonbox consumes only about one third of the energy used by a typical light bulb. It’s a fanless, silent, miniaturized personal computer preloaded with 20 pre-installed software applications, and providing data protection, application update, and system management service starting at $99. It’s got cellphone-like service plans starting at $12.95 a month.
Zonbu also has a free take-back program for recycling, automatic backup of the entire contents of the computer, access to data from any computer, and everything is plug & play.
Chairman and co-founder Alain Rossmann managed marketing for the original Macintosh launch at Apple Computer, and is, his bio says, “widely recognized as the father of the wireless Internet for his pioneering work on the convergence of Internet and mobile phone services, and developing the WAP industry standard.” Zonbu is co-founder Grégoire Gentil’s fourth startup in twelve years; his most recent success was Twingo, acquired by Cisco Systems in 2004.