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sickpup.jpgI’m nursing a sick puppy today. Poor Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle Puppy is under the weather. He swallowed a rubber ball in the park this morning. It happened when we tried to get the ball – which belonged to a little dog – out of his mouth.
He swallowed one just like it a month or so ago, and it eventually came, umm, through. I, stupidly, didn’t know how to do the doggie Heimlich Maneuver, so Benny has endured repeated doses of peroxide and water, which we hoped would bring up the ball. (You can find instructions here in case you ever need to know. ) The peroxide finally worked, but unfortunately it was in the lobby of my tony building. Sadly, no ball came up.
According to Dr. Jill Elliot, our holistic vet, things pass through dog stomachs in about 30 minutes, so it has probably moved into his gut. But we thought peroxide was worth trying anyway.
We’re on to bran and prayers at the moment, and Benny is sleeping, poor little guy. Please send good thoughts Benny’s way.
I know there will be no sleep around here tonight. But hey, beauty sleep is only for those who need it.
UPDATE — Benny’s OK! Let’s just say he gave up the ball. Whew! What a day.