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nokia.pngNokia has an amusing new online campaign called Great Pockets. It’s funny, and cute, and kinda like a new media smorgasbord, except there is no interactivity – not even a place to say what’s in your pockets.
It’s got the obligatory MySpace page, a YouTube video, and, a really clever page on Flickr.
The joke: when you go to order from the Great Pockets collections, you’re told that Nokia has put them out of business. It’s a good giggle, and the site is well-done.
Too bad it also had a rather dreadful PR pitch, below. Note to PR boy: If you actually knew anything about the nature of my blog, you’d know that I’d like to know who created the campaign, whether there is advertising support, what the budget was, what the new Nokia costs, and why your company’s blog hasn’t been updated since February. And, it’s not a viral video until it goes viral.

Hello Nokia: Someone should be monitoring MySpace, etc all the time because this very large photo was there when I looked just now and a lot racier stuff is likely to show up.
Here’s the PR pitch:
Hi B.L.Ochman, [they didn’t know if I was male or female, so went with my whole name] Just a quick question, what have you got in your pocket right now? Keys, wallet, gum? What if had your mp3 player, GPS sat nav, 5 mega-pixel camera with carl zeiss optics, high quality video recorder with editing facilities, internet connection, blogging services, high-end gaming console and a few more things to boot? You’d need pretty big pockets, or maybe just a Nokia N95?
We thought you might be interested in the new Nokia Nseries Great Pockets marketing campaign, it combines the absurdity of having to carry all your gadgets in gigantic pockets, with the ease of the convergence device that combines them all, the N95.
Here are some of the URLs:
Main site
Viral Videos
MySpace Page
Flickr Page
It’s a new creative concept from the Nokia Nseries team that has been spreading across the net like wild-fire.
Due to the nature of your blog I thought you might appreciate a heads up on this info. I hope you like the site and by all means get in touch if you have any questions regarding this campaign.
Kind Regards,
[PR Boy]