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south_parl_chef.jpgTV networks are starting an interesting trend by censoring themselves and marketers stand to benefit from the online and blog advertising opportunities that the ensuing brouhahas create.
WB, worried about an FCC decision on indecent material, will broadcast a censored version of the new drama, “The Bedford Diaries,” but will show the uncut version on its website, according to the New York Times
Comedy Central, embroiled in a controversy over its portrayal of Scientology, first cut an episode about the organization from their re-run schedule and last night skewered Scientology in “The Return of Chef.” The episode had the character the chef, who’d been played by Isaac Hayes, a devout Scientologist, being brainwashed by a cult called the “Super Adventure Club” – which converts its followers into child molesters. The first Scientology episode is no longer available on Comedy Central, but last night’s entire show can be seen there.
Controversy will immediately drive viewers who want to find the banned episodes to the Comedy Central site and the WB site, and to blogs and other social media sites that discuss the and carry the videos. Advertisers who are not afraid of controversy will be smart to enjoy the traffic spike.