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The pet food recall crisis continues to grow, with the list of recalled products expanded yet again; cross-contamination cited; more animals sickened; contamination in the human food chain growing rapidly.
And yet, the story still is not page one across America, and still seems of little concern to most people I speak to. Any day now, that’s going to change.
The NY Times (sub required) reports that China has made an arrest in the pet food recall: the manager of one of four companies accused of selling tainted products to pet food suppliers in the U.S.
Forbes – Pet Food Recall Widens Again on New Threat – this time it’s cross contamination of products.
MSNBC -Senate votes 94-0 for tighter pet food standards
Here’s the updated recall list
International Herald Tribune: Chinese firm dodged inspection of pet food ingredients shipped to US has a good overview of coverage on the recall issues.