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paypal.pngDear PayPal: Fire the person who recommended this email that I got today in response to a problem I had with PayPal’s site three days ago:

Due to an increase in seasonal email volumes, we may not have been able to answer your email.
If your inquiry has not been resolved or you have further questions regarding your PayPal account please call 1-402-xxx-xxxx
Thank you for choosing PayPal!

Truly, this is inexcusable. They apparently don’t know, or care, if they answered the email or not. That’s mind boggling.
It translates as:

“We don’t have enough staff here to answer customer emails because we really could care less about your problems.”

Happy holidays to you too PayPal.
UPDATE: I got a phone call from Pay Pal offering to help me resolve the problem. Quelle surpris! I called back. Hung on through voice mail hell, finally got a human who had no idea what the guy called about because he failed to note it on the account.
I hung on for another 10 minutes while she “checked” the account. And then we got disconnected. Did she call you back? Nope? She didn’t call me back either.
I had already called my bank, who had already confirmed that the problem was PayPal’s. So I once again logged in to my PayPal account. It still would not allow me to update my credit card information. I deleted the credit card. Then I added the exact same card back in, with the exact same information, and it was accepted. Is there a problem on Pay Pal’s site? Ya think!