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hawk_chicks.png.jpg“At 3:38 PM today Lola began mantling…That is, she spread her wings as if to shield the very hot sun from a newly hatched chick. She continued this mantling throught the evening.
On Sunday evening Pale male brought a well prepared pigeon for Lola. She ate it all in the nest while he stayed by her side throught the meal.” Does he know how to treat a woman or what?
I saw Pale Male in Central Park this morning soaring home with a pigeon in his mouth. Saw him yesterday too, along with a woodpecker, an egret, and something I could swear the bird-watchers identified as a yellow-tushied warbler.
Be glad you don’t own a Fifth Avenue-facing $13 million co-op in Pale Male’s building. Busloads of the faithful are camped out with super telescopes and binoculars trained on the famous hawks. One guy has a TV monitor hooked up somehow so people who don’t have a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment can see the births too.
UPDATE: According to Pale Male’s site, at least one New York Chick hatched last night. I didn’t see Pale Male on his usual morning breakfast run today, so maybe he was home with the family.