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Oy vey. I guess this is Rachael, whose nearly 6 minute-long video about her pocketbook collection won the Bag Borrow or Steal Ultimate Bagaholic contest. They seem to have forgotten to link to her video. They also forgot to put a length limit on the video entries, so the scintilating entries do go on forever. The contest winner gets to be their Chief Bag Officer, who can borrow any of their luxury handbags free for a year, and who will be blogging about her bag addiction.

One entrant put it succinctly when she said, “I once hid them when my in-laws were in town because i didn’t want them to think i was wasting money or insane.”
The headline asked: “Do Handbags Make Your Heart Beat Faster?” Umm, no, but apparently they do that to a lot of people because this contest got a lot of photo/essay and video entries, all of great social and political import.
Bag Borrow or Steal, lends luxury bags to its more than 250,000 paid members who have “true passion for beautiful handbags”

The contest, loosely run as it was, got a lot of coverage from fashion blogs, and even hit the Chicago Tribune. Go figure.
Says the contest page:

“Serving as Bag Borrow Or Steal’s Chief Bag Officer, Rachel will carry six of fall’s hottest, must-have bags and blog about the experience, sharing her impressions with more than 250,000 bagaholics. She will also enjoy a year of borrowing luxury handbags for free!”