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Regina Lawrence in The Oregonian writes a blog-bashing essay maintaining that when mainstream media mimics blogs, content will dilute.
Will the millions of blogs mutate into mainstream media, she frets, and “ultimately become the very thing they love to rail against?”
Blogs, she generalizes wildly and without factual data, “aren’t ‘mainstream’ in their sensibility. Virtually all are partisan sites for commentary first and foremost.”
The good news she points out: newspaper cub reporters and j-school students are being coached on blogging.
With a more MSM-like blogosphere, we could get a more independent style of journalism freed from corporate constraints.
But — here comes her blog bashing premise — without the commitment of time and resources required for serious journalism, all we might get from either is more heat without more light: a lot more talk, but little of substance to say.”
Kinda like Ms. Lawrence?