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NYU.jpgFinding time to blog when you’re a busy college student is so hard, sniff, that three out of six NYU blogs are dying, according to Washington Square News, the school paper. Boo Hoo.
When one editor started a blog, the editorial says, “red tape prevented it from being properly advertised, and, having been choked off from the attention that newspaper columnists so desperately need to survive, the project continues to languish even as I write.”
As Bette Midler sang, “It’s so hard to clean your ears. Why Bother? It’s so hard to empty an ashtray. Why Bother?” And it’s so hard to blog. Don’t bother kid.
Building an audience for a blog is hard work. It requires, first of all, an area of expertise. Then it needs good content, frequently updated, a point of view and the willingness to be controversial. All the advertising in the world won’t help a dull blog. Sounds like NYU needs a class on creating and marketing a blog. I’m available to teach it.
The article continues: You might hear about blogs springing up all over the place, but they are essentially weak forums and fall just as easily as they rise.
Except for professional blogs already affiliated with mainstream media or those that have some sort of access to it, blogs are essentially unfunded personal websites wholly dependent on their authors’ spare time. For NYU bloggers especially, the demands of college life serve as stark impediments to blogging…. It’s a responsibility to an amorphous and invisible audience.”
With three out of six NYU blogs dying, blogs may not be exactly the answer we’re looking for.

I hope they serve clues along with classes over there, because this kid needs both.