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Corvette.jpgI think Steve Hall who writes the wonderful, irreverent adrants blog, is a great guy. But he’s all wet about a banned Corvette commercial, pulled because of what he calls “protests by safety kooks.”
It is a stupid idea to show children driving like lunatics in dream sequence or any other way.
The ad, (watch it here and decide for yourself) carries the idiotic disclaimer “This is a dream. Don’t drive without a license.” It shows a clearly underage boy imagining himself behind the wheel of a Corvette, taking the 350-horsepower car airborne – after driving it wildly through city streets and spiraling it through a large drainpipe – as the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” played in the background.
Hall says the GM execs who banned the ad are “humorless imbeciles” and notes ” With all the publicity this is generating, the spot will now be seen by more people than if those imbeciles had just kept their mouth shut. Of course, this could all have been planned by GM in the first place.”
“And why does every spineless corporation now bend to the whim of every lame ass, extremist complaint?” Hall rants.
However, according to the Boston Globe, “leaders of seven auto safety groups wrote Tuesday to GM chairman Rick Wagoner to protest the television spot, saying it sent a dangerous message.”
Here’s why the ad had to be pulled: Sadly, people really are so freaking stupid that corporations get tied up in endless litigation based on the premise that they should be able to figure out every ridiculous thing a litigious moron could come up with to do with their product. And then they have to have a warning on the product before the moron sues. The mystery is why GM approved the Corvette ad to begin with. Perhaps auxiliary penises aren’t selling well these days.