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NBHD.jpgGuys: this post is probably not for you. Ladies: if you’re anything like me, you probably liked your hair for half an hour about 15 years ago, but obsess over it more than you might want to admit. (Hey, I said this post was for the girls.)
In case you thought that long, full hair is a prerequisite for models and celebrities; or that famous people can go from super-short hair to long and curly in a flash, I’ll let you in on a secret: they wear hair extensions. (Impressive use of punctuation in that sentence, huh?)
Ultima_site.pngYou can learn everything there is to know about hair extensions and hairstyle trends at the new Ultima Natural Protein Hair and its companion No More Bad Hair Days Blog, which focuses on news, tips, how-tos, and trends from consumers and top stylists.
My company created the site and the blog, and I’ll be writing and vlogging at the blog and editing contributors posts. I’ll be video blogging interviews with top extension stylists, and readers are invited to submit their before and after photos and how-to videos.
While I think it’s the rare CEO or CMO who ought to blog, blogs are a great way to create community, listen to customers, have some fun, and drive traffic to the company website. My client, Kaneka Corporation, is the manufacturer of fiber used by other companies to make hair extensions under a variety of brand names. So the Ultima website and blog are strictly intended for branding the Ultima name.
The blog my team and I created for Stacks and Stacks, Clutter Control Freak, now has more than 20 bloggers contributing content, and currently supplies one in 16 referrals to the company website, which is one of the top 300 online retailers, according to Internet Retailer Magazine. I hope we can make the No Bad Hair Days Blog equally as successful for the Ultima brand.