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sam_puppy.gifThe Build the Memorial website, devoted to news about the building of the long-delayed 9/11 memorial, contains a transcript of a conversation between architect Michael Arad, who notes that dogs will not be allowed on the Memorial Plaza.
This is so damn wrong! For one thing, dozens of dogs helped to find the dead while the site was still smouldering and for many months after 9/11. Their feet and lungs were burned repeatedly and they kept working, many until they died of their injuries.
My dog, Sam’s, death this August was absolutely hastened by the chemical soup we inhaled while we fled the building collapses. It was Sam who gently but urgently led me through the thick black smoke and falling debris when I couldn’t see and was frozen in shock.
No dogs? Are you kidding me? You need to re-think that decision Mr. Arad. Because the “no dog” plan you have is disrespectful to me and other victims who survived, as well as to those who died.