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wetphonetweets.pngThis wasn’t my day. Well, ok, it wasn’t my week. Between my dad having surgery (thankfully completely successful), paying taxes, shelling out $300 for orthotics, blah blah, it was rough.
So it seems a fitting end that I accidentally washed my cell phone in my jeans pocket while doing laundry this morning. (Blush)
I got great advice from friends, including Andres Bianciotto, who wisely advised taking out the battery and putting it and the phone in two pounds of raw rice. That made it dry enough to start, but it no workee no more. A hair dryer didn’t get it going either.
I took Benny to the Verizon store tonight, where I had to tell a little white lie and say he was a service dog so he could come in, and got a new phone. Plastic; it feels like a toy; but it has a camera and so on, and it’s red. Hey, it was free since my phone was two+ years-old, and they transferred all my data.
Despite iPhone lust, I won’t switch to AT&T. I’m holding out for the Google phone or an iPod Touch with 80GB memory. But it’s nice to know, via my Twitter buds, that I’m not the only one whose phone met a watery end.
Got a ruined phone story to share?
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