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Necco2007.pngIt’s time for NECCO Conversation Hearts again, and this year the theme is pets. The theme in 2004 was the Internet, with hearts that included “IM” me.
According to their site, NECCO manufactures eight billion Sweethearts every year. They sell the majority during the six-week period between January 1 and Valentine’s Day, making Sweethearts the Number One selling non-chocolate Valentine’s Day Candy.
You can have NECCO imprint your own sayings, but you’ll have to buy 3500 pounds, or over one million tiny hearts. You can suggest ideas for new hearts by writing to Necco but they’ll own the copyrights.
Noting that 63% of American households have pets, Necco has 10 new animal-inspired 2007 Conversation Hearts including ‘My Pet,’ ‘Bear Hug,’ ‘Top Dog,’ ‘URA Tiger,’ ‘Go Fish,’ ‘Love Bird,’ and ‘Purr Fect.’