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dell_hell_logo.jpgI’m in total Dell Hell. My Dell computer wouldn’t start this morning. It displayed a lightening-fast (impossible to read) message that says something like attempts to boot have failed, so contact Dell. And, of course, now Dell tech support is the problem.

I spent over two hours on the phone this morning with a technician in Dell’s Gold Service. When the conversation began, I said, “Looks like this requires a service call, so please, don’t waste two hours of my time if that’s what you need to set up.”
And then we went through two hours of him looking through manuals trying to figure out what was wrong. After two hours he finally told me to open the computer case and he said that the little green light that was shining on the motherboard meant that I need a new motherboard and a — drumroll please — service call.
I’m not going to trust this guy to take care of business. I called my honcho at Dell and told him my story. And he agreed that it should have been clear in about two minutes that a service call would be required. I pay for next day service, but I’ll believe I am going to get that when the technician has fixed my computer.
Luckily, I have a non-exploding Lenovo laptop. But, it was not up to date on various software updates and I’d never made a set of recovery disks, etc. etc. So it took the better part of the afternoon to get it fired up and ready to rock. Sigh.
Meantime, I languish in Dell Hell…..
If I haven’t answered your email, or met your deadline, please call Dell and complain.