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wife.pngHe’s currently got 159 million friends, but my client, Karen Quinn, says MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson is a no friend of hers.
Quinn wanted a MySpace page in a big way for her Karen Quinn’s Wife in the Fast Lane Contest. I thought it was a waste of time, but she was insistent. So she got our designer to build her a MySpace page.
Tom_Anderson.png“If there is such a thing as bad technological Karma, I have it. In the last ten days, my iMac crashed, my blackberry broke, my digital scale snapped, and my brand new MySpace, of which I was SO excited and SO proud, just disappeared! Pooof! Gone! No warning, nothing. I wrote to Tom (the founder and my first friend on my space) and the bastard didn’t even write back. Why Tom, why? Was it because I lied about my age? Honestly, I’m wracking my brain to figure out what went wrong, and I just don’t understand. Tom, for what it’s worth, our friendship is over. It’s e-ronic, you erased my entire my space site, but I can’t delete you as my friend no matter how hard I try.
Still, like Suzanne Somers, I decided to rebuild (she said stoically). So if you have a my space, please visit me at and ask me to be your friend. I will say “yes” to everyone (except Tom).”