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Lesko_2.jpgMatthew Lesko, the guy in the colorful suit with the yellow question marks, has started a blog. Lesko, who uses infomercials and late night TV ads to sell his books on the untold riches available from the government, is using his blog to save his reputation.
Lesko started blogging in response to a NY Consumer Protection Board press release that said everything he offers is available free. True, Lesko says, but it’s the way he researches, organizes and presents the material that people pay for. Lesko says: “I get it for free and put it in my books. If people could get it (easily) I would be out of business.” He’s successful, he says, because he simply provides a service better than government’s.
So with this blog, I can take matters into my own hands. Consider it my constantly evolving letter to the editor, as well as an expansion of what I do day in and day out — helping people make the most of the resources available to them.
Tax information is available free from the government too, but you still need an accountant to make sense of it. Lesko is just an information broker. Nothing wrong with that, and he has not be accused of any violation or crime.
I once took a Learning Annex class with Lesko and he’s entertaining and engaging as hell in person. What the hell, if money is available free, I wanted to know how to get it. And guess what? It sounded like more work than it might be worth. But it was still a fun couple of hours seeing him doing his thing live.
via Greg Swan