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Several people have emailed me today to say that they are unable to leave comments and that they are getting an error message that says their comments are “denied due to ‘questionable’ content.”
I have no idea why Moveable Type comments act so weirdly, but today a lot of comments, including mine if I use the word “online” in my URL, which is a problem because my url is please email me and let me know if you have the same problem. I will send all the “questionable” content to Six Apart and ask to look at it.
Moveable Type, what’s up with the comments???
Anyhow, I wanted this comment, about my comment policy, to run:
“Debates are often interesting, and I am open to constructive criticism.”
I totally agree with you!
“Calling me, people I write about, or those who comment on this blog rude names is unacceptable.”
I would agree with you, yet you have posted over at Shel’s blog that my company, and me by association as the spokesperson, is “dumb”. I guess we all find different words rude. This is one of mine.
You seem like a highly articulate person, which leads me to believe that you could have been much more effective with a comment worded differently.
And yes, before you say it, when I get my own blog I can make my own rules…I know…
Basically, though, BL, I agree with you and hope everyone abides by your rules.
Donna Tucci
Public Relations Manager