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Adrants reports that a hacker who calls himself a “performance artist” has has launched two Blogspot-hosted Blogger blogs. One steals Gawker’s entire editorial content word for word. The other steals the Post’s Page Six content. The only thing these two blogs leave behind are the ads. The misguided digital Robin Hood’s two blogs provide ad-free content. The Page Six Blog allows visitors to view Page Six content without having to go through registration.
In an email to Adrants, the thief said “”This is a piece of performance art meets media. We wanted to see if we can draw viewership away from popular online blogs and news sites by removing the advertising. Would people actually enjoy the site more without the pop up advertising, drag overs, and other obtrusive types of online banner advertising?
Plus most people read the NY POST for the Gossip only so to us it was interesting to note that and really expose the NY POST for the right wing rag that it is. Also we have come to the conclusion that the registration process adopted by the POST was done in an effort to collect emails. We do not endorse spam dealers or peddlers!”
Gee Mr. Robin Hood, why don’t you try creating your own content, and building an audience for it?