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Scobelizer.jpgRobert Scoble, Microsft blogger, noted the blogosphere’s reaction to the announcement that Microsoft will gut some features from its upcoming Longhorn (the code name for the next version of the Windows operating system) to get it out on schedule. To Scoble’s credit, he did not eliminate the bad reactions in the 87 posts he noted.
Asa, of Mozillazine: “I suppose it’s a good thing that we didn’t take Robert Scoble’s advice and start investing Firefox time and resources to utilize MS’s WinFS file system.”
Ed Brill (works at IBM): “If there is one thing I have learned in ten years of competing with Microsoft, it’s never, ever, ever panic before a product ships.”
Dan Gillmor: “Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Microsoft has a long history of announcing things it delivers extremely late, if at all.”