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baby.pngAccording to various media reports, the FDA – already testing wheat, rice and corn gluten for melamine – is expanding testing of imported ingredients and finished products that contain cornmeal, soy protein, rice bran and corn gluten. Those ingredients can be found in products including breads, pastas, pizza dough, baby formulas, protein shakes and energy bars.
The NY Times (sub required) reports “It is common in the United States to take pet food that does not meet quality standards and reconstitute it into livestock feed, Stephen Sundlof, the F.D.A.’s chief veterinarian, said in a conference call with reporters.”
There are, as we have been learning, just about no standards for pet food and the pet food that is deemed unfit is fed to livestock in the human food supply chain.
Why isn’t this the top story in every media outlet in the US?
What will it take to get this massive issue top of mind?