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Meijer’s headless horseman rode again last night as part of the 180-store mid-western chain’s Halloween celebration. This time, the horseman rode with 4,000 zombies who gathered to break the world record for the largest zombie walk.
The event was organized by college sophomore Rob Bliss, using absolutely no other tools besides Facebook! It shattered the previous record of 1,375, set just a few days earlier in the Pittsburgh suburb of Monroeville. (Monroeville Mall was the setting of George Romero’s cult classic, Dawn of the Dead.)
Meijer teamed up with Bliss to provide donation support to help the local community, where many are struggling to make ends meet in the face of economic hardships. The company provided 3,000 cans of food to the local Second Harvest food bank. Meijer also awarded $1000 to one of the several hundred people who followed the headless horseman’s instructions to text the company.
Meijer produced the event with the following team: DeVito/Verdi, SpringThrough, BlueWater Technologies, SmartReply, Harvest Music+Sound Design, Storytelling Pictures, Integra.