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10_02_Adopt_me.jpgGet another dog! That’s what everyone said when I had to put my wonderful Yellow Lab Sammy down last month. And I knew it couldn’t be a Lab, since I already had the best one in the world; it had to be a puppy, so he would imprint on me; and it couldn’t be black because they get so hot in the sun. (I didn’t say all my reasons were rational.)
So look who I ended up adopting today at the Mayor’s Alliance Adoption Fair in Central Park: an 18 month-old black Lab. I knew he was meant to be my dog the minute I saw him. I saved him from the Center for Animal Care and Control, where his number was up tomorrow. And he saved me from “the house sure is empty without a dog” blues. He even got a free microchip so I’ll get him back if he ever lands in a shelter. That’s George and my friend Anthony right after we sprang him.
10_02_George_free.jpgUPDATE: I’ve changed his name to Teddy, “T” for short. So we are BL & T.

He soon grokked that he is safe
As soon as George (that’s his name, for now anyway) got to my house, he grokked that he has a permanent home now. He’s sleeping at my feet as I write, and as soon as he and the cat work things out, everything is going to be honky dory.
His death sentence was not entirely the CACC’s fault. There are so many unwanted dogs and only so much space and money. But what kind of human beings take their dog to a kill shelter when there are so many alternatives? They said they were moving and they couldn’t bring him. The answer to that is simple: move somewhere you can bring all of your family members.