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Marketing strategists rejoice! A new must have Twitter 2019 major events calendar highlights all the key dates marketers can tap into  — from the obvious to the niche. And it includes the number of Tweet impressions they’re expected to reach.

In a blog post, Twitter wrote, “If you’ve missed National Puppy Day, wondered how many people are Tweeting about Earth Day, or were curious about the number of Tweet impressions that happen during the Grammy Awards, we’re here to help.”

Here are some of Twitter’s favorite events (that you might’ve never heard of):

Twitter Events for Marketers

  • February 9th, National Pizza Day: 34M Tweet Impressions
  • March 8th, International Women’s Day: 838M Tweet Impressions
  • April 10th, National Sibling Day: 10M Tweet Impressions

You can download the Twitter Marketing Calendar here (with email sigh-up)