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queen.pngThe next time someone says that mainstream media is objective, fair and balanced, and bloggers aren’t, I will show them this quote from page one New York Times article, “On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble.” And if this is objective, then I’m Queen Elizabeth.

“Google may be providing the greatest day care ever, but so what? It doesn’t matter how good the day care is if only its wealthiest employees can afford to use it. If Google had really wanted to do something path-breaking about its day care crisis, it would have spent less time creating elitist day care centers and more time figuring out how to “scale” day care for everybody no matter what their salaries. …Judging by what’s transpired, that’s what Google is fast becoming: just another company.”

Does that sound like part of an objective news story to you? Gimme a break.
Blogging seems to terrify mainstream media, and none more than the NY Times, which misses no opportunity to dis bloggers, even as they add writing blogs to their writers’ responsibilities.
The Times loves to paint bloggers as insignificant and naive ranters, issuing reports that aren’t “real” journalism like the ones in the Times. (Forgetting Jason Blair of course.) Other Times pieces on bloggers call us hobbyists, and cranky hacks.
I’m opinionated, and proud of it. And you know, when you read me, that I’m a liberal Democrat and a feminist, among other things I’m only too happy to tell you about. There’s no pretense here. If you want an objective view, you’re better off finding yourself a conservative, misogynist blogger’s opinion of a given topic and then drawing your own conclusion than you are trying to get an objective opinion from mainstream media. Or just read the NY Times.
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Full disclosure: I own three shares of Google stock. :>)